Frequently Asked Questions about Rentals

Are there restrictions on décor?
Feel free to use the space as your blank slate — we simply ask you respect our theatre and don’t leave your mark (no nails, thumbtacks, etc).

May we use candles?
There is no flame permitted in Irondale including candles or cigarettes. It is possible to arrange to use sterno, but only if there is a caterer to oversee it.

Are there restrictions on caterers or vendors?
No, we have no restrictions on outside vendors or caterers. Irondale does not have in-house catering services and therefore, you may choose any caterer you are comfortable with.

When can I arrange for rented items to be dropped off for my event?
Although we prefer for items to be delivered/picked up during your designated timeframe, we understand the constraints of working with a rental company and try to be as accommodating as possible. Since Irondale is a non-profit performance venue, we sometimes have events scheduled the following day and cannot guarantee that next day pick-up is possible, but we always try!

Is there parking available?
Irondale does not have a parking lot; however, there are numerous public parking lots nearby that we can recommend. Please visit DIRECTIONS for a list of nearby lots and car services.

Is Irondale wheelchair accessible?
Irondale is located on the second floor; however we are ADA compliant with a handicapped entrance and restrooms located in the lobby. There is no elevator, but there is a Handi-lift that can carry up to 450 pounds. The balcony is not wheelchair accessible.

Is Irondale available for rent on Sundays?
Not usually. We share a wall with the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church and we want to respect their needs on Sundays, but under some circumstances, we may be able to make an exception.

Is there a reduced rate or subsidy for Not-for-Profits?
Our subsidies are dependent on receiving grants to cover our costs. Most of our subsidies are already allotted by the time the season starts. But we do offered a reduced rental rate for not-for-profits. Learn more about Space Subsidies.

Why is there an amplified music curfew?
Irondale is in a residential neighborhood and therefore we respect our neighbors by concluding all amplified music by 12am. An extension to the curfew can be requested in certain circumstances, such as New Year’s Eve.

Do you provide ticketing and box office attendants for my event?
For an additional cost, Irondale offers its ticketing services, OvationTix, for rental events. We have no limitations on what ticketing method you use and are equipped with wireless internet in our lobby making credit card transactions possible. Irondale’s box office staff and ushers can be hired if needed.

Will Irondale promote my event?
Due to the high volume of events at Irondale, we do not offer promotion for outside events. However, we are happy to list your event on our online calendar with a link to your site.

Does Irondale have a kitchen?
No. Irondale has a small café area with a sink and a below counter refrigerator. Renters may use half the fridge. There is also an ice maker which will supply enough ice for drinks, but not for use in cooler or ice buckets.

Can I serve alcohol at my event?
Yes. However Irondale does not have a liquor license. You may host an open bar or ask for donations. If you choose to have a cash bar, then you will need to get a temporary liquor license.

Who is responsible for cleaning the space?
It is the Renter’s responsibility to restore the theatre to its original state, including removing all decorations and rental equipment. Trash from events and parties must be removed from Irondale after the event.

What is your deposit & cancellation policy?
We require a 50% deposit and a signed Rental Contract to secure the date for your event.

Cancellation Policy: A full refund will be given the PRODUCER (with the exception of the a non-refundable hold the date fee of 20% ) in the event the production is canceled 90 days prior to the first date of the rental period. This amount is agreed not to constitute a penalty. Payment due as a result of PRODUCER’s cancellation of the contract under this provision shall be made by PRODUCER to IRONDALE at the time the contract is canceled by written notice in accordance with the following schedule: 1) cancellation date is less than 90 but more than 60 day calendar days prior to the first day of the production, 25% of the balance due of space rental charges; 2) Less than 60 days no refunds will be given.