‘Art and science coincide insofar as both aim to improve the lives of men and women.’
-Bertolt Brecht

The “A” is for Acting. We give students the ability to assimilate, transform, and use information, thereby turning it into knowledge Irondale’s STEAM program offers training in acting and improvisation that impacts the way in which students present and relay to information.

Improvisation, one of the essential tools of Irondale’s approach to theatre, has also become a hallmark of the company’s education programs, it is one of the most powerful learning tools available. Irondale’s theatrical training enables students to effectively show what they know through creative, articulate and engaging presentations of research projects. At the same time the program builds essential life skills that serve them outside the classroom or laboratory: responsibility, accountability, critical thinking and teamwork.

Students are able to reflect on, articulate and understand how they know what they’ve learned. These programs also address the “soft” science skills of psychology, sociology and organizational development. Workshops are taught by some of New York’s finest theatre artists.

During the Irondale workshops, I learned important technical aspects of presenting, such as planting one’s feet, speaking loudly and clearly, and engaging the audience. I’m sorry, I can’t think of any way to improve the program. It was already pretty nice”.