“A way of looking at theatre that seeks to explore its full potential to amuse, educate, and inspire.”
Marvin Carlson
The Sidney E. Cohn Distinguished Professor
of Theatre, Comparative Literature
and Middle Eastern Studies

MurrowsandwichIrondale is a theatre company – essentially,  a performance think tank — that brings together artists who collaborate over long periods of time, who speak a common performance language and who believe that theatre can educate as well as entertain. Our theatre can become a classroom and classrooms we enter can become theatres.   Through our performances and programs we ask questions and continually question the answers.   We ask our audiences to come with us to unaccustomed, difficult or even uncomfortable places.  The journey to those places can range from Brecht to Marx (Groucho, not Karl), from history to myth and from the rigorous disciplines of the artist to the disciplined improvisations of the child.