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A romantic dinner for two on Valentines Day. Red roses ($12 at Bjs) to decorate the table and buffet, and cast a romantic glow with "unity" candles. To enhace the red-and-white theme, add a touch of creme de cassis (black currant syrup) to champagne. Toast one another with Kir Royale, one of the most expensive restaurant cocktails. For the most sensual coures, dessert, we selected chocolate, strawberries and fondue. Manatee Magazine winter 2006

Art Buffet

February 10, 2017 | 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

ARTBUFFET is a new performance series which happens monthly in which artists gather together around a theme to present their dish. We have had puppet shows, music, storytelling, short plays and more. The show is apart of Irondale Theater’s new programming and takes place at their gorgeous space in Fort Greene. This month’s theme is LOVE.


–Katya Stepanov
–Bandits on the Run
–Rivka Rivera
–Otis Cotton
–Elizabeth PW and Friends
–Asia Gagnon
–Sydnee Washington
–Milly Tea