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NOT NORMAL : Yearning to breathe free

March 17, 2017 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Part of the Not Normal: Art in the Time of Trump series.

For the month of March, Irondale Ensemble Project is suspending its regular artistic programming and opening the doors of the Irondale Center to performers and activitis to respond to the actions and policies of the new adminstration.

Not Normal: Yearning to Breathe Free features performances centered around the experience of immigrants in NYC past and present as well as the 70,000 youth a year who are run through the New York justice system. The night will include a panel discussion addressing how artists can create work that truly has an IMPACT. Join us!
$10 suggested donation to BAJI (Black Alliance for Just Immigration) at the door.

Acts Include:

THE ASYLUM PROJECT by Elizabeth Mozer
Elizabeth Mozer is performing the character Agnes, a Polish immigrant who arrives in the U.S. in 1914, from her newly devised work The Asylum Project, a play based on patients at the Binghamton State Hospital.

Terry Greiss reading a selection from the film “Judgement at Nuremberg” dealing with the Feldenstein Case, asking the question:
Were the Germans aware of the concentration camps?

NO SANCTUARY featuring Rachel Evans, Amanda Miller, and Jessie Losch
Having once found sanctuary in America, three Immigrants are now making the difficult choice to return to their countries of origin to escape what has become the “new America”.

El Sueño Americano: Forum Theatre on Immigrants Rights presented by Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (www.tonyc.nyc)
Since 2011, TONYC has grown rapidly in response to a real need from communities in crisis for social change. Our team of Jokers and Jokers-in-training — the people who help facilitate workshops and performances — now collaborate with TONYC’s troupes to create more than 60 public performances a year. This play is bilingual, and culminates in an interactive forum in which audience members are invited onstage to improvise new alternatives with the actors and engage in critical dialogue about the issues.

presented by Room 11 Productions and Chaotic Sequence Productions (www.threetremblingcities.com)
This webseries delves into the inner lives of NYC immigrants struggling with work, friends, romance, dreams, and family expectations. Overshadowing their efforts is their often uncertain status— culturally, emotionally, legally. Three Trembling Cities presents a deeper, richer story about the immigrant experience. The creators of this work will also host a panel discussion addressing how artists can create work which truly has an impact and changes hearts. Albert Saint Jean, New York City Organizer, from BAJI (Black Alliance for Just Immigration) will be among the guests on the panel.

Otis Cotton
Returning for his hat-trick performance at Irondale Ensemble Project‘s Not Normal: Art in the Time of Trump series, Otis Cotton will be giving another highly anticipated musical performance.

presented by Exalt Youth (www.exaltyouth.org)
Through a series of summer workshops, six youth from diverse backgrounds created 16 Bars with the intention of raising the age of criminal responsibility. In New York City, more than 70,000 youth are run through the system each year. Some go to Rikers Island, others to juvenile detention centers or alternative incarceration programs. This work starts to address alternatives.