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“From the fertile soil nurtured by the creation of
Henry V, Julius Caesar and As You Like It,
Shakespeare planted and grew the mighty redwood of Hamlet.”

-Joey Collins

Shakespeare wrote his plays in bursts of creative energy. In the year 1599 in twelve short months, he turned out the crowning achievement of a life time.

For four weeks five members of the Irondale core company have joined with three members of our extended family in an intense investigation of how these four plays grew out of each other, relate to each other, and even combine to form one singular epic story.

Join us the evening of October 24, 2014 to share a first look at our process and progression: Hal and Brutus and Rosalind and Hamlet: A journey from god-given certainty to the abyss of existential doubt.

October 24 | 7:30PM | FREE EVENT

For Families - 1599: TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE’S GREATEST YEAR, a new program offered this year to help family audience connect to Irondale’s mainstage work. Four Saturday story-version performance and workshop sessions for families.
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Color Between the Lines is available for tour starting 2014. Learn More

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