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This coming year, Irondale Center in Brooklyn is excited to announce a new and improved format for our festival.

The 2020 edition of On Women Festival will happen across the three weeks of March 2-17, 2020 and will consist of two Main Stage productions during the first two weeks, with each show running exclusively in the space from Wednesday-Saturday, and a series of Workshop productions across the third week.

And unlike past editions, Irondale is seeking submissions to expand our artistic roster. We are looking for female-identifying artists and we make no distinction based on ethnicity and cultural background.

Irondale will provide performance fees, lighting console, board operator, front of house staff, house manager, bar and one certified fireguard to all selected shows.



The Main Stage shows will be given the exciting opportunity to creatively utilize one of the most unique theaters in New York (in conjunction with Irondale staff) however they see fit.

Irondale has the capability of seating up to 102 depending on stage orientation. The option for more seating is possible with your own seating provided. Irondale’s seating stock consists of three risers (each seating 34) and 80 foldable metal chairs.

Each show will meet with Irondale’s technical director and the festival producers to determine needs and requests. Designers are also available upon request for a fee.



The Workshop performances will take place during the last week of the festival in which artists wishing to experiment and get new works on their feet will have an opportunity to present their show in rep.

These shows should require minimal set and technical needs but must also be staged in some form.

The number of workshops to take place during this week will be determined by the number of applicants and their fit in the festival as a whole.

To submit for consideration please follow the link to our submission packet on our website.

Deadline to Submit: December 1st, 2019

Click here to see the 2020 On Women Festival Submission Package

3rd Edition: March 2 – 17 | 2020

Submissions deadline: December 1st, 2019
Click here to see the 2020 On Women Festival Submission Package

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