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Why should you donate to the Irondale Ensemble Project?

Here are the top 10 reasons:

10. You want to see your name on a plaque in the lobby. *
We’d love that too, but that’ll cost you.

9. You’ve seen the magic that the Young Company teen ensemble creates.
It costs us $400 per month for each student and we do it 10 months a year.

8. You’ve met the actors and realize that they too, must eat.
Do you know how much a cup of coffee costs in Brooklyn?

7. You love great theatre and there’s just not enough of it.
Where else will you see 4 Shakespeare plays in one night?

6. You want to make sure the air conditioning still works…next summer.

5. You saw a show here and you loved it
What’s your Irondale favorite? The Uncle Vanya Show, Peter Panic, alice, Alice, ALICE…, Saint Joan of the Stockyards? Name your favorite from the past 34 years.

4. You saw a show here and hope that your gift will make it better the next time.
You know sometimes we just rent out the space.

3. You believe as we do that theater can change lives.
As our beautiful Young Company teen Aaliyah said “Irondale is life”

2. You realize that after 34 years, we’re not going to stop.
No way, no how!

1. You have the best reason of all and it’s ____________________________



You may also mail contributions to:
85 South Oxford Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

If you have questions, call Terry Greiss, Executive Director, at 718.488.9233.