Isn’t this a beautiful dream: a society that asserts its own ideals and values by affording some fools and jesters all the liberty to hold a mirror up to society, to challenge it, to mock it. One must think: ‘It can’t be that bad if our society still believes that it is right and worthwhile to playfully challenge itself

Thomas Ostermeier


Irondale has never had better reasons to ask for your support or better ways to use it.

Our 34th fourth season saw the realization of one impossible project 1599 and the beginning of another our collaboration between the Irondale professional company, officers of the NYC Police Department, and civilian community members To Protect Serve and Understand.


When you stop and think that these are both programs coming out of one company, you understand why Irondale is a different kind of theater. Where else can you see four incredible Shakespeare plays all performed in one epic evening of theater. Or see the result of improvisation and other theatrical tools bringing police and community together and learning what it’s like to walk in each others’ shoes.


What happens at Irondale transforms peoples’ ideas about what theater is, what it means and what it does. You know how much we depend on you. You, our audience, our friends, the families of the students we teach, provide the vital fuel we need to keep pushing boundaries-on the stage or in the street.


Please consider making your gift on a monthly, reoccurring basis. Would you consider an amount of $35 per month to honor our 35th season? But remember that no amount is too small whatever you feel comfortable giving goes a long way towards keeping the stage lights lit and the creative juices flowing, Whether you have been with us since 1983 or you just came on board for 1599, we are proud to have your support. Come with us into season 35. There are great things in store.

With our most sincere thanks

Jim and Terry for the Irondale ensemble



You may also mail contributions to:
85 South Oxford Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

If you have questions, call Terry Greiss, Executive Director, at 718.488.9233.