Here’s what the audience is saying about 1599!
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“Watching Irondale’s  ‘1599’ was a thrilling experience, the acting really superb.  The production also underscored the ways in which the four plays, which Shakespeare wrote in an inspired burst, are in conversation with each other.” – James Shapiro (author of A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599, the inspiration for the 1599 Project)


New York theatre couldn’t imagine another theatrical feast based on the plays authored by Shakespeare in one year of his  life.  Nothing can come after your “1599”. And certainly nothing before. You own “1599”.  – Jeffrey Horowitz, Artistic Director, Theatre for a New Audience


“Saw this marvelous production last night and it was a magical experience! The entire event reminded me of friends gathering in a living room for a night of memories, conversation, laughter and Shakespeare. A relationship is built between audience members and performers over the five-hour event and only grows and becomes more complex. It’s not like an other play; it’s a party, a homecoming, and a night of discussion. The acting is spectacular and shouldn’t be missed. A true celebration of the history of Irondale, their incredible space, and Shakespeare’s most creative year.” – Benjamin Viertel


“Still ‘blown away’ by the performance of 1599 last night.” – Nathaniel Nichols (first preview)


“Great performance with standout cast. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed immersing ourselves in these 4 dynamic plays. The settings and actors were awesome. Thanks for such a wonderful evening! – Delia A. Awusi & Nana P. Agyekum


“An absolutely amazing production. You all are very talented and we came away discussing the show that evening over dinner singing your praises. We look forward to your next project. We are fans for sure!! That was pure theater in its most intimate form. Well done!!!” – J & P


“Wow.  I was fortunate to be at your opening night performance.  I admit that I was there partly because BAM’s King’s Cycle was sold out, but also because the New York Times description of your production was intriguing.  Had no idea what to expect.  I live in California, although as a former New Yorker, I visit often.  Almost 70, I have a long wonderful series of images of Shakespeare’s plays thanks to Joe Papp.

Experiencing Shakespeare through your incredibly skilled and insightful embodiment of his characters was wonderful, powerful and deeply engaging.  I have already found some of you/them as characters in my dreams, since you/they seemed to be such new yet familiar archetypes.   You are talented, skilled and inventive in ways that would have surprised and delighted Joe (and Will).  Thank you so very much for your intense commitment to the work, the art and inventive discovery.” – Susan Titus

“Last night, I was able to partake in one of the most magical, stirring, and engaging pieces of live theatre I’ve ever experienced. If you haven’t yet seen, The Irondale Ensemble’s production of “1599” , I HIGHLY suggest you do ASAP. It’s Shakespearean and Immersive theatre that transports the audience literally and figuratively.”


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