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In the midst of the chaos, confusion, meanness and ineptitude of the last few days…

In spite of everything, I woke up this morning with one thought, one giant realization rising above all the clatter and cacophony: I am the luckiest person in the world. I wouldn’t trade my job, my best friend, my life partner for anyone or anything else. I can’t believe what I get to do every single day. And now I get to sit down and write about it in another one of my great life pleasures-taming a few words into this: my weekly letter to all of you. It’s called “What’s on Jim’s Mind” and I try to never cheat on this. What I’m really thinking about and not what I might work to think up, is what you get.

The next thing that came into my mind this morning is the realization that the Good Soul is a great show – and that it’s a show in all the best sense of what that delicious word show brings to mind. “Let’s put on a show”, “the greatest show on earth”, “there’s no business like …” And because of the work of the amazing people you will see on stage and behind the scenes, we managed to do it in three and a half weeks. We didn’t cut any corners getting there or shorthand process for quick results. In essence through the sheer determination, focus and daring of this very fine company, we squeezed the ambitious goals of a typical European twelve week rehearsal into just three and a half weeks – well ok, we also had a couple of hours the day of the  preview and the day of opening, but you get my meaning.

And now for the first time of any Irondale show that I can remember, it’s clicking on all cylinders of its own accord. About last Wednesday, the whole room just got collectively smarter. Wonderful new ideas were in evidence everywhere I looked. The morning after the opening, my only note to the ensemble was “I have no notes.”

So, come and see this. As yesterday’s Irondale blast said “That Ain’t Tobacco They‘re selling in That Shop.” It’s funny! It’s smart! It’s irreverent! And it’s not set in China. It’s about right here….And now.  It’s Brecht With A Buzz. (Do I gush? I gush.)

And now I’m off for a few days, sleeping well again, giving Barbara my full attention while we spend our evenings gorging on the newly discovered Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which is also funny, smart, irreverent, and not set in China.


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