24(ish) Hour Plays:


Irondale and SheNYC Arts present

The 24(ish) Hour Plays: NYC Teens 

Create, rehearse, produce and perform a one-act play in 24(ish) hours!

Co-hosted by Irondale’s Young Company and SheNYC ArtsCreateHER program, the 24 (ish) Hour Plays is a festival of one-act plays written by NYC teen playwrights over the course of a fortnight, and rehearsed and produced by teen performers, directors and technicians in 6 hours. Students will attend a virtual kickoff event on Sunday January 9th, and writers will participate in an hour-long writer’s workshop with a CreateHER mentor

Registration is open to NYC students in grades 8 – 12. Students may apply to participate as a WRITER, a DIRECTOR, an ACTOR, or a TECHNICIAN. All participants will meet virtually on January 9th, contribute in person to the production of the one-act plays on January 22nd, and receive digital copies of the complete collection of plays after the event.


Due to the dramatic rise in coronavirus cases in NYC, this event will take place on Zoom.

Find out more about the different ways to participate below.

Are you an educator? If you want to bring a group of students email education@irondale.org and education@shenycarts.org to find out about partnership opportunities!

This project is funded in part by the AxeHoughton Foundation.

24(ish) Hour Plays in the media


As a writer, you will have two weeks to write an original short play following a virtual writers’ intensive workshop led by CreateHER’s Elisabeth Frankel. You will have a one-on-one virtual check-in with CreateHER staff ahead of the festival to receive feedback and edits on your script. On the festival day you will work closely with the director assigned to your piece to help produce the piece. Along with the director, you will introduce the play at the festival and help to run the front of house operations. 


As an actor, you will receive your script and role(s) on the morning of January 22nd. You will work with your fellow actors and director to rehearse and produce a one act play in less than 12 hours. Students will work to memorize their lines, however due to the nature of the event, some of the one acts may require students to have scripts on stage during the final performance. You will attend a costume meeting with the Tech Team and a photo call with your fellow cast members and production team.


As a technician, you will start the festival day by getting a tour of Irondale’s professional off-broadway theater space and an overview of the sound and lighting boards. You will hold production meetings with each of the play directors and work closely with Irondale’s Technical Director and other technicians to design lighting, input any necessary sound cues, and pull costumes, props and scenery from Irondale’s store. You will also run a technical rehearsal, dress rehearsal, and the final production.


As a director, you will receive your script on the morning of January 22nd, and work with your actors to conduct an initial table read before delving into rehearsal. Professional Irondale Directors will check in with your group throughout the day to help guide you through the process. You will also have a production meeting with the student Technical Team to discuss lighting design, sound requirements, and prop and costume needs. Along with the script writer, you will introduce the play at the festival and help to run the front of house operations.


Email education@irondale.org or education@shenycarts.org

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