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The Irondale Center presents Theatre Three Collaborative

Another Life

March 8 - 24, 2012
Tuesday at 7PM
Wednesday - Saturday at 7:30PM
Tickets $15 | $25 - includes $10 suggested contribution toward speaker
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Written and directed by Karen Malpede
Starring four-time Obie Award winner George Bartenieff.

Called “Stinging & Satirical” by the Kenyon Review, Another Life is a roller-coaster ride, surreal and real, through the past ten years which tells of the titanic struggle between a mogul and his physician daughter who become embedded in the War on Terror torture program. Greed, war-lust, and sexual enslavement lead to a subtle but growing resistance and whistle-blowing.

Each evening the audience will share a dialogue with a speaker as part of a “Festival of Conscience”. Festival speakers will range from human rights activists, lawyers, and authors who have helped influence the shape of Another Life. The goal of this three-week series is to foster meaningful dialogues across disciplines to address the most pressing questions facing us today: What kind of nation have we become? What kind of country do we want to be?

Among the speakers will be:

Opening night, March 8: Darius Rejali, author of Torture and Democracy, one of the world’s authorities on torture

March 21: Mark Danner, author of many ground-breaking articles and books on the U.S. torture program, including the forthcoming Torture and the Forever War

March 9: Lawyer Susan Burke and journalist Donovan Webster, who interviewed hundreds of survivors tortured by private contractors in Abu Ghraib

March 10: Joshua Phillips, None of Us Were Like this Before, about the effects of doing torture on U.S. soldiers, on a panel with Zeke Johnson from Amnesty.

March 14: Tom Parker, National Security Director for Amnesty, and Baher Azmy, Legal Director for Center for Constitutional Rights speak about ten years of Guantanamo.

March 16: Pardiss Kabriaei, also from CCR will speak on a panel titled the War on Terror Comes Home with Gabor Rona, from Human Rights First.

March 23: Jonathan Hafetz, Seton Hall and Alexander Abdo, ACLU

Other speakers are from Witness to Torture, Rabbis for Human Rights and the National Campaign Against Torture. See below for a full schedule of events.

Festival of Conscience Calendar of Events

Darius Rejali presents: Torture & Democracy
Thursday, March 8, post-play
One of the United States foremost experts on torture discusses his latest book, Torture and Democracy, which won the 2007 Human Rights Book of the Year Award from the American Political Science Association, and the state of the US torture program ten years after 9/11.

Privatization, Torture, and War From the Front Lines
Friday, March 9, post-play
From the front lines in the fight against Blackwater and Abu Ghraib, lawyer Susan Burke, who brought suits against private contracting firms for their role in the torture program, and Donovan Webster, journalist and author who accompanied Susan to Iraq to take testimony from torture survivors talk about their experience.

Tortured and Torturers
Saturday, March 10, post-play
Tortured and torturers: a contrasting discussion on how soldiers came to torture, and the consequences for both the victims and the perpetrators. The event will feature Zeke Johnson, National Security Director of Amnesty International and Joshua Phillips, author of None of Us Were Like This Before: Americans Soldiers and Torture, the story of American soldiers who tortured in Iraq.

Faith and Terror, Part 1
Tuesday, March 13, 7-pm curtain, post-play
Religious leaders, journalists and activists come together for a two-part discussion about consciousness, belief, torture, and resistance. Join the National Religious Campaign Against Torture’s Director of Program Coordination John Humphries and New York St. Mary’s Episcopal Reverent Earl Kooperkamp for dialogue about faith, torture, and the religious communities response to torture and war in the shadow of 9/11.

South of the Constitution: Ten Years at Guantanamo
Wednesday, March 14, post-play
Lawyers representing Guantanamo detainees and Amnesty International discuss and debate Guantanamo today. The event features Tom Parker, National Security Director, Amnesty International, DC, and Baher Azmy, Legal Director for the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Thursday, March 15, post-play
Todd Lester and Anat Litwin will discuss ideas of home, hospitality, and how notions of individual space collide with(in) the public sphere. Todd Lester is the founder of freeDimensional and will discuss an off-shoot of his interest in critical hosting called Host-an-Occupier, and Anat Litwin is the founder of the HomeBase Project, a site-specific residency and research program operating at the intersection of art and social change.

The War On Terror Comes Home
Friday, March 16, post-play
Lawyers, family members, and community leaders discuss how the war on terror has affected Arab Americans, and what is being done to change it. Leading the evening is Pardiss Kebriaei, a lawyer with the Center for Constitutional Rights currently working against the backlash of the domestic war on terror and Tamer Mehanna, the brother of U.S. terror suspect Tarek Mehanna, who has been held in pre-trial 23-hour solitary confinement since October 21, 2009.

Occupy Movement Presents: A History of Non-Violent Resistance
Saturday, March 17, 7:30 pm & post-play
The Occupy Movement premiere a new documentary on the history of nonviolent resistance created for Occupy by videographer Paul McIsaac, plus performance by the high school students from Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Bailey’s Café arts initiative.
This performance is a fundraiser for Bailey’s Café, the Coalition for Public Education, and the Polaski & Nostrand Block Association. The minimum donation for a ticket is $20. For tickets to this performance, please contact Stefanie Siegel at

Women and Resistance
Tuesday, March 20, 7 pm curtain, post-play
In conjunction with Women’s History Month, prominent feminist activists War Resisters League organizer Kimber Heinz, and eco-feminist Ynestra King will discuss women's role in the movements’ against militarism, nuclear weapons, war, and torture.

Mark Danner presents: Torture and Truth
Wednesday, March 21, pre-show at 7:30 pm
Writer Mark Danner discusses his forthcoming book, Torture & the Forever War. Danner has covered the torture story from the start with a string of essays in the New York Review of Books, including “Our State of Exception,” and, earlier, on the leaked ICRC reports about torture.

Faith and Terror, Part 2
Thursday, March 22, post-play
Religious leaders, journalists and activists come together for a two-part discussion about consciousness, belief, torture, and resistance. Rabbi Simkha Weintraub of Rabbi’s for Human Rights and author David Swanson talk about the faith-based response to torture and the recent Witness Against Torture actions in Washington DC.

A Decade of Torture and Law
Friday, March 23, pre-show7:30 pm
International human rights leaders Gabor Rona of Human Rights First and Alexander Abdo of the ACLU leads the night with the highs and lows in the legal battles against torture.

Closing Evening and Reception
Saturday March 24, post-play
In the finale of ‘Another Life’, playwright and producer Karen Malpede sits with Larry Siems, author of The Torture Report to discuss her inspiration, research, and motivations in developing and producing the play. Reception to follow.

** All but two of the discussions happen after the play. Curtain time on Tuesday nights is 7pm. Weds-Sat. 7:30pm. Ticket holders for any performance may attend all the talks and talk-backs. “Another Life” runs 1 hour 45 minutes without an intermission.

Another Life

March 8 - 24, 2012
Tuesday at 7PM
Wednesday - Saturday at 7:30PM
Tickets $15 | $25 - includes $10 suggested contribution toward speaker
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Production made possible through Irondale's Emerging Artist Space Subsidy Grant
with funding from the Booth Ferris Foundation, Brooklyn Community Foundation,
and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.