The Irondale Ensemble Project is as close as we come these days to the Elizabethan acting companies that once presented Shakespeare’s plays to the Earl of Leicester, Sir Francis Drake and the Virgin Queen of England. ...What is on offer is the miracle of the word made flesh. I wish you joy in it.” —Lewis Lapham, editor of Lapham’s Quarterly
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Irondale Ensemble Project presents

Dead End - Return Engagement

March 7-29
Wednesday-Friday 7:30PM | Saturday 3PM & 7:30PM
Tickets $25 | Seniors/Students $15 | Matinees $15
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Imagine you’re looking down at a New York Street that comes to a dead end in a wharf over the East River. To the left is a high terrace and a white iron gate leading to the back of the exclusive East River Terrace Apartments. Hugging the terrace and filing up the street are a series of squalid tenement house. Ever increasing extremes of wealth and poverty divide a city still grappling with the effects of the greatest economic downturn of the twentieth century.

This is the world inhabited by the five teenagers who form the dramatic center of Sidney Kingsley’s Dead End. In the Irondale production, the theatre itself becomes the world of the play. Stripped to its bare and scarred walls, it forms both an expressionistic backdrop and interactive, environmental playing area allowing the actors to create a vibrant theatrical place with little scenery no set or props, fueled only by their imagination and the audience to follow the suspenseful action as it moves around to all the recesses of the Irondale theater.

The kids of the Dead End are young adolescent boys on the verge of growing up. Gimpty still lives in the neighborhood, has been to college to study architecture, but can’t find a job. Baby Face Martin, who is returning to the neighborhood after many years away, is now a notorious gangster. The situation is bleak and hope does not come easy.

But ultimately this play is not depressing. Hope eventually raises its tentative head through the combined efforts of Gimpty, his friend Drina and, most of all, in the resiliency of the kids themselves.

The Irondale Ensemble and its offshoot the Young Company team up professionally for the first time to bring you this hard driven, exciting and ultimately inspirational drama.

“Angels ain’t got no wings."