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ART Buffet was created to give Brooklyn-based artists a workshop space and time every other month to try new material in many forms.  From seasoned performers who want to try out a new section of their show to those who have never tried stand up before, ARTBuffet provides a quirky, welcoming talent showcase,  As the show has grown, it’s taken on a political bent–raising funds for Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and RAINN.

If you want to perform, reach out to us and we’ll put you in contact with Rivka RIvera or Alex Spieth, ART Buffet’s two amazing producers.

Alex Spieth 

The next edition of ART Buffet will be announced shortly

Past Showing

The Archives

6 editions of ART Buffet have already been held, the last one being Male Ego (September 2017) starring; Alex Spieth, Connor Kelly-Eiding, Iris Beaumier, Adam Reilly, Denver Milord, Taylor Miller, Laura Ornella.

  • No Fucks Given (April 2017) with Casey Layne Anderson, Rachel Sweeney, Alexis Floyd,  Azieb Abhara, Jessie Shelton, Alex Spieth.
  • Love (February 2017) with Katya Stepanov, Bandits on the Run, Asia Gagnon, Sydnee Washington, Milly Tee, Otis Cotton, Elizabeth Phillipson-Weiner, Asia Gagnon.
  • End of the World (January 2017) with Khalid A. Rahmaan, Me and My Wifey, Bankrupt Junkies, Good Catch Comedy,  Lucia Roderique, Catherine Cohen.
  • Return (September 2016) with Emily Stout, Luka Glinsky, Brittany Campbell, Cara Ronzetti, Kalan Sherrad.
  • Black Lives Matter (August 2016) with Pinc Louds, Stephen Mann, Madeline Wolf, Nick Bonner, Terry Greiss, Emilia Ottoo, Joe Etzine, Jerzy Gwiazdowski, Nick Ducassi, Sa’ar Comedie.

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