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What is EXACT Communication?

EXACT Communication is a team of professional coaches who share the core principle that effective communication happens when we understand who our “audience” is, approach each communication with empathy, and have a clear goal.

Why choose EXACT?

Our interactive approach, grounded in improvisational theater and communication science, guides participants through a process of discovery and practice. Our training empowers participants to find and use their individual, authentic voice and message.

Who needs EXACT?

Anyone who wants to connect authentically and communicate effectively will benefit from EXACT’s workshops. Our training applies to large group presentations, one-to-one conversations, and everything in between. Whether you are communicating online, in person, or in writing, EXACT Communication is for you.

We offer tailor-made workshops according to your specific needs.

Our Programs

Let’s Talk:

This workshop is designed to take the dread out of presenting by giving you a planning tool to help you strategize in order to have the effect that you intend. It also helps you discover your authentic voice, how to connect with your audience, and how to pivot with ease when the unexpected happens. This program is offered for small groups and one-to-one coaching sessions.

Let’s Talk:
Conversation and Connection

In this lively, interactive workshop you will practice engaging in more meaningful and productive communication. Participants will learn how to quickly create an authentic and compelling connection with their conversation partners.

Let’s Talk:
Media Training

This workshop will teach you how to prepare for media interviews, develop and deliver your messages, and introduce you to what media editors and producers look for in a story pitch. Broadcast news veteran Marcy McGinnis leads this interactive workshop.

Let’s Talk:
Science Communication

This workshop will equip you with tools and techniques for making your science make sense in talks, writing, and conversations. You will learn how to focus on your audience and adjust when necessary, allowing you to communicate with spontaneity and create genuine connection.

Let’s Talk:
Team Building

“Yes and…” your way to stronger, more productive and satisfying working relationships with your team. This highly interactive (and fun) workshop uses improv techniques to unlock creative ways to solve problems. Genius lies within your team, let Exact’s trained facilitators help you bring it out.

Let’s Talk:
Climate Change

Conversing about climate change can be challenging. Doing it well requires clarity, empathy, and close listening to others. This workshop will help you find your unique voice, develop engagement skills, and connect with compassion in your climate change communications. The world needs to hear from you!

Let’s Talk: One-to-One

Take advantage of Exact’s one-to-one coaching opportunities with the coach of your choice. Each coach brings their own unique experience in careers that span theatre and performing arts, journalism and communication, writing and editing, social and physical sciences, and higher education. All one-to-one workshops are tailored to meet individual needs. Please see our bios for more information.

Who is on the Team?

Terry Greiss

Carolyn J. Hall

Marcy McGinnis

Carol Schindler

Dr. Temis G. Taylor

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For more information about hosting an EXACT Workshop, please contact Terry Greiss.

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