The Irondale Ensemble Project is as close as we come these days to the Elizabethan acting companies that once presented Shakespeare’s plays to the Earl of Leicester, Sir Francis Drake and the Virgin Queen of England. ...What is on offer is the miracle of the word made flesh. I wish you joy in it.” —Lewis Lapham, editor of Lapham’s Quarterly
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The Irondale Center presents Delirious Dances / Numinous

To Begin The World Over Again

September 27 – October 6

To Begin The World Over Again explores the writings of Thomas Paine and his spirited advocacy for freedom and democracy. Fusing the visions of composer Joseph C. Phillips Jr. and choreographer Edisa Weeks and their respective companies the music ensemble Numinous and DELIRIOUS Dances, To Begin The World Over Again eloquently explores: How are freedom and democracy packaged and promoted in America? What does it mean to be free in American? As America becomes more consumer driven, polarized and disenchanted, is America living up to its promise?

Performed with the audience sitting in the round, To Begin The World Over Again is an evening length multi-disciplinary work that features six dancers and thirteen musicians and singers. The work unfolds through four sections inspired by Paine’s words: Dreams Of Wonders Undreamt, These Are The Times That Try Men’s Soul, Mischief Is Easier Begun Than Ended, and We Have It In Our Power.

Free Community Events

The community events are organized by Purpose Lounge and designed to give people an opportunity to actively engage with the ideals of liberty, democracy and equality that Thomas Paine believed were America’s promise and gift to the world – ideals that greatly influenced American identity, history and mythology.

The Promises and Realities of America
An exhibition in the gallery space featuring art that addresses issues of liberty, democracy and equality.
Thursday, September 27 from 4pm – 6:30pm
Friday, September 28 from 4pm – 6:30pm
Saturday, September 29 from 12pm – 6pm, Opening Reception from 3pm – 6pm
Tuesday, October 2 from 4pm – 6pm
Wednesday, October 3 from 4pm – 6pm
Thursday, October 4 from 4pm – 6:30pm
Friday, October 5 from 4pm – 6:30pm
Saturday Oct. 6 from 3pm – 6pm

Why “United States”
Tuesday October 2 from 6pm – 9pm
A discussion about the structural benefits and negatives of the United States social / political system.

Point No Point
Wednesday October 3 from 6pm – 9pm
A discussion about how the American political system is analyzed and contextualized through the lens of American media.

The Promise of Promise
Saturday October 6, 2012 from noon – 6pm
A day-long exploration into Thomas Paine's vision and concerns during the forming of the United States of America - featuring a documentary film, food, poetry throw-down and a discussion with Harvey Kaye – award winning Scholar, Historian, and author of Thomas Paine and the Promise of America.

To Begin The World Over Again

September 27 – October 6
Thursday – Saturday at 8PM
Thursday, October 4 - Q & A with the artists after performance
$25 General Admission | $15 Students & Senior Citizens
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Described in the New York Times as having “A gift for simple but striking visual effects,” DELIRIOUS Dances merges theater with dance to create works that are physically dynamic, visually evocative and explore the beauty and complexity of life. Finding inspiration from history, music, literature, art, current events and the idiosyncrasies of life, Delirious Dances, under the direction of Edisa Weeks, seeks to empower people through the immediacy of dancing.

Numinous, an unique ensemble consisting of some of New York City's finest wind, brass, string, and percussion musicians, seeks to generate emotions in the listener that resonate with mystery, wonder, and beauty. Deftly and organically transmuting inspiration from contemporary classical, jazz, world, and popular music as well as literature, science, and cinema, composer and conductor Joseph C. Phillips Jr.’s “sonic poetry” is a distinctive and individual voice that draws listeners into its own musical universe in order to challenge, enlighten, and refresh

Purpose Lounge creates and teaches innovative structures of community building and outreach for high school students and young adults.

To Begin The World Over Again and the community events are co-produced by the Irondale Center and sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC); New Music USA - Live Music for Dance program; The Puffin Foundation; choreographic residencies at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center and Brooklyn Friends School; The Field; and the generosity of individuals.

Production made possible through Irondale's Emerging Artist Space Subsidy Grant
with funding from the Booth Ferris Foundation, Brooklyn Community Foundation,
and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. 

Photo: Julie Lemberger