Irondale’s 38th Anniversary Virtual Gala 


April 26th – Irondale Education Extravaganza!


Please join us for an evening highlighting Irondale’s education programs and the people that make them extraordinary! Featuring live panels and performances as well as pre-recorded conversations with some of our education partners, this hour-long event will give you a peek into the dynamic world of Irondale’s youth programming. The extravaganza is produced by three Irondale students, Nyles Emile, Ruby Papavassiliu, and Christina Ramsey, and will include original student performances. Two live panels with students and Teaching Artists will invite audience members to pose questions about Irondale’s work and the broader field of arts education, while a pre-recorded conversation with Jennifer Negron from The Pinkerton Foundation and Ben Esner, Director of the Center for K12 STEM Education at NYU, will give an insight into Irondale’s trailblazing STEM to STEAM program.

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April 29th – Let’s Talk Theatre


Marvin Carlson, who is fluent in five languages, reads at least 10, who has seen theatre in more countries than most of us will ever travel to (and wrote a most entertaining book on the subject: Ten Thousand Nights) who brought me to Shanghai where I was introduced to the Chinese Opera and got to see an amazing production of Brecht’s Galileo, who wrote the best book on contemporary German Theatre,which got me all excited about going to Berlin in the first place to see it for myself (been back eleven times since) who has closely followed the work of Irondale for over thirty years, and who can tell you in great detail which of Shakespeare’s sonnet’s is the bawdiest, and I will sit down with me for a conversation about all this and possibly more. Please join us.

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May 3rd – Directors Discuss To Protect, Serve and Understand


Join the founding members of “To Protect, Serve and Understand,” Monday, May 3 for a directors’ chair discussion Irondale Executive Director Terry Greiss, the creator of TPSU, and ensemble members Michael-David Gordon and Rivka Rivera talk about TPSU’s evolution since 2015, their creative process and critical pivots in progress. We’ll also hear perspectives from community and officer alumni. Irondale Board Member and former NYPD civilian director, Barbara Chen, moderates.

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May 10th – Cocktails and Conversations


Join Terry Greiss (Irondale Founder, Exec. Director, Actor) for a pre-gala glimpse of the virtual Irondale “map”, some fun free-ranging conversation and your favorite cocktail.  We will be previewing the special Irondale cocktail specifically invented by our friends at Endswell  just for us. Stanley Tucci is busy that night but we’ll have fun anyway. And…if you’re like Terry, just a little bit nervous about navigating the event on your computers we will have an easy tutorial, so you’ll be set for May 13th.

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May 13th Inspire 2021 Virtual Gala

Doors open at 6:30

The main event! We’re creating an online version of The Space at Irondale, where you’ll be able to walk around the space, see your friends, watch live performances, read more about Irondale history and our programs. Help us honor Bill T. Jones while catching up on everything Irondale has been doing this past year!

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Irondale exists at the intersection of art, education, and social justice.

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