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Phylicia Rashad

Alan Alda

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We know it’s not just do more or to just get bigger. We know we want to do work that fulfills a vision and challenges our staff, actors, producing team, board of trustees and audiences in ever more meaningful ways.

This year is about stepping into that first moment of wonderful and scary uncertainty.

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The M. Edgar Rosenblum Award

Edgar was the Executive Director at Long Wharf Theater when Jim, Terry, and Barbara came together there in 1978 to work on the project that would become the Irondale Ensemble Project in 1983. In a very real sense, he created the opportunity that created the company.

Jim said, “Working at Long Wharf in a tremendously supportive creative environment, gave us a model of how we wanted to keep working throughout our careers.” Terry added, “Jim and I have been working as a team for 27 years. Although we didn’t set out to model ourselves after Arvin (Brown), Long Wharf’s Artistic Director, and Edgar, it was this important and successful example of partnership that inspired us early in our careers.” Barbara, now Head of the Acting/Music Theatre Program at Carnegie Mellon University said, “Edgar was a mentor for us all. When we started Irondale, he was always willing to give us advice or talk to our board. He was proud of what we created and we were always quick to acknowledge our roots.

His passion for theater, his integrity as a theater administrator and the generosity of spirit that he always displayed are all reasons to honor and remember him through this award.

What our Audiences are Saying

Just walking into this creative space filled me with energy, reminded me of the need for such spaces in our communities, and caused me to pause and reflect on the"possible." Irondale Center through dialogue invests time talent and resources into a vision of community that is contagious!

...a place where audiences and artists matter.

Beautiful space. Great community driven programming. A gem of a theatre.

Irondale is an innovative, community centered theater really is by visionary leadership. They make great shows. They're good people. Go see their stuff.

We experience a great pleasure every time we have come to Irondale . Irondale is a celebration of the art and humanity.

Our Programs

Irondale offers a variety of learning and program opportunities.  We are constantly looking for ways to bring all of the programmatic pieces, including the various educational programs, into a closer and more unified entity. Much of this can already be seen in our various projects. The school programs, after school classes, the young company, our  program  and the police/community project To Protect Serve and Understand are all led by Irondale actors and artists. 

Our Programs

Support our Cause

What happens at Irondale transforms peoples’ ideas about what theater is, what it means and what it does. You know how much we depend on you. You, our audience, our friends, the families of the students we teach, provide the vital fuel we need to keep pushing boundaries-on the stage or in the street.

Whatever you feel comfortable giving goes a long way towards keeping the stage lights lit and the creative juices flowing, Whether you have been with us since 1983 or you just came on board for 1599, we are proud to have your support. Come with us into season 35. There are great things in store.

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