Jalen’s Page

This is Jalen’s Page 

There is no such thing as a coincidence. The fact that you are on this page means that you are energetically aligned with me and this message.

I somewhat fear that I am not creative enough to possibly usefully explore this entire webpage.  Perhaps it is my fear of making an ugly webpage that keeps me from making a beautiful one.  After all, who chooses what we conceive as something beautiful?

I can choose my own standard of beauty for this webpage.  I can tear my whole webpage down and build it up from the ash, discovering different aspects of this website as I go, not just use the outline that I have been gifted.  But what is stopping me? Maybe it’s the fear that I’ll build something embarrassing or at least embarrassingly bad.  I understand that this is a learning space, but I feel that at least one person will see it.  I’ll just turn this bit of text chartreuse,

  • make a bullet point

right alight this text

and enter a link to a video of me singing. It’s right here.

This is also the moment that I got the idea to turn the color of this section amber.

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“that oldest human longing – self-revelation”

Zora Neale Hurston

Former Department of Education Chancellor Carmen Fariña presents the

2015 scholarship to Young Company alumni Dre Knight and Danajha Davis

Scholarship Recipients

Irondale recognizes the continued commitment and contribution of outstanding Young Company members with a $1,000 scholarship upon their graduation from High School, to be used toward any aspect of their higher education.

Past recipients:

  • 2019 – Christina Ramsey
  • 2017 – David Rosa & Julia Smith
  • 2015 – Danajha Davis & Dre Knight
  • 2014 – Aaliyah Stewart & Joel Seabrook
  • 2013 – Richard Perez
  • 2012 – Xerxses Morris
  • 2011 – Alex Miyashiro

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