The Irondale Ensemble Project is as close as we come these days to the Elizabethan acting companies that once presented Shakespeare’s plays to the Earl of Leicester, Sir Francis Drake and the Virgin Queen of England. ...What is on offer is the miracle of the word made flesh. I wish you joy in it.” —Lewis Lapham, editor of Lapham’s Quarterly
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Murrow's Boys

“I’m standing on a rooftop looking out over London.” With these words Edward R. Murrow and the daring band of journalists he gathered made broadcast history during the Blitz. Murrow and the “boys” (which included one girl) literally created the field of broadcast journalism by bringing the story of WW II home to Americans. The Irondale Ensemble’s new devised theater piece uses the words and adventures of these intrepid reporters to investigate the questions: Is news important today, where do we get it, and why should it matter?

Murrow's Boys
April 27 - June 3, 2011
Tickets $35

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Current discussions include: Where do you get your news? and Who do you trust?

Meet Murrow's Boys

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