On Women Festival

On Women Festival

During the month of March, when women are celebrated and honored all around the world, Irondale usually hosts the On Women Festival, giving female-identifying artists the platform to celebrate their own experiences. Created in 2018, each iteration of this festival has been different and unique, just like the creators and the shows that are part of it.

In 2022, the Festival will happen in July and have a hybrid format, with online and in-person performances, and it will be a celebration of the women who have kept society running in all facets of life, current, and past, and the stories that they’ve made. And to make sure we’re uplifting and empowering the voices of marginalized artists, Irondale will continue working closely with a diverse group of artists to help curate the festival and moderate the Artists Exchange panel discussions.


  • MAINSTAGE: Two different theatrical productions will be selected with the assistance of guest curators.
  • NEW MEDIA STORYTELLING: A collection of New Media Storytelling videos can be submitted by artists from all over the world. The videos are not part of the Festival’s curated programming and will be hosted on an online platform. Submitted works can represent a wide variety of styles, genres, and approaches to storytelling.
  • ART BUFFET: One or two nights of cabaret-style live performances.
  • ARTISTS EXCHANGE: Lead and moderated by our guest Curators, each one of the conversations has special guest panelists and a theme or topic for discussion.


July 11-31, 2022

Submission deadlines:

MAINSTAGE – Jan 11 –  Feb 13, 2022
NEW MEDIA STORYTELLING – Mar 7 – June 26, 2022

Keep scrolling down for this year’s festival guidelines and submission form.

Submission fee: $25

Your submission will only be accepted if we can identify the payment.
If you’re going through financial hardship, please contact onwomen@irondale.org to request a fee waiver.


To Moscow! – A palimpsest. On Women Festival 2020. Photo by Diego Bresani.

On Women Festival 2022 seeks stories that celebrate, honor, and uplift the incredible sacrifice and strength of the women in our lives.

We have all suffered losses during this pandemic. Whether it be a house or an apartment, our social lives, a new job opportunity, that vacation you were dreaming about for 2 years, an election, or maybe a friend or a family member.

Irondale is inspired by all womxn-identifying people who have suffered, fought, persevered, or been lost to the unprecedented events of the last year and a half. From the frontline worker who worked 20 hours a day and slept in her car, to the mother, daughter, sister, friend who passed before it was their time.

Throughout our history women have always been among the most affected by tragedy, challenge, and setbacks. Their struggles have taught us many lessons: What does it mean to identify as a woman? What challenges are inherent in that experience? What lessons can we glean from the lives of all types of women? That’s what we want to hear from you! On Women Festival 2022 seeks stories of perseverance, activism, bravery, and love in the face of everyday adversity.

In honor of the memories of Lúcia and Cárita, loved mother and grandmother.
Two strong women who lived by their heart, created a beautiful family, and learned to fight their way through the world in their own ways. They will forever inspire those who were lucky enough to have met them. Rest in Love.

Let’s allow their stories to keep moving us forward.

Submissions for Mainstage productions are now open!



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