New Media Storytelling

The New Media Storytelling category of the On Women Festival invites women-identifying artists to share their explorations with new media, at a time when it can still be very challenging to create. This collection is not curated and can include videos submitted by artists all over the world.

Audience members are invited to vote on their favorites and cash prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the Popular Vote. One artist will also win a Curator’s Pick Award:

1st place, Popular Vote – $500
2nd place, Popular Vote – $300
3rd place, Popular Vote – $100
Curator’s Pick – $500

After purchasing your ticket, you’ll receive the link and password to watch the videos. You can vote on your favorite video from July 11-29, and winners will be announced on July 31st. Votes cast by non-ticket holders will not be counted.

Stream anytime from July 11-30 at 12 PM EST 
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The videos are listed in the order they were submitted.

1. heart beats – Anabella Lenzu
Synopsis: heart beats conjures memories of the mother-daughter relationship, speaks to the loss of innocence, discipline, freedom, youth, aging, and the passage of time.

2. Sleepwalking – Pam Kingsley
Synopsis: When Willow awakes to filthy feet and finds her nightgown down by the pond. She realizes she has been sleepwalking. She realizes she has been exorcising long-buried rage, humiliation and shame.

3. The Hamadryad – Kym Bernazky
Synopsis: While reading Richard Price’s The Overstory, I came across this quote, “No one sees trees. We see fruits, we see nuts, we see wood, we see shade. We see ornaments or pretty fall foliage. Obstacles blocking the road or wrecking the ski slope. Dark, threatening places that must be cleared. Received branches about to crush our roof. We see a cash crop. But trees – trees are invisible.”

Bringing together endurance art, street interviews, movement, music and costumes, The Hamadryad, is a story of rebirth. It’s about shedding one’s skin and becoming more aware and attuned to the world around you – both human and otherwise. It is named for The Hamadryad which is a Greek spirit that lived in and protected trees from destruction. In this piece, trees, dark feelings and mourning become visible and visceral.

4. Tourists in Dystopia – Judy Klass
Synopsis: In 2020, early on during the pandemic, a critique group of women writers that used to meet in members’ homes has gone virtual — and it has a meeting over Zoom. Women bring in work and give each other feedback. One person presents a poem about President Trump.

5. 42°; true phrases of an Antillean lesbian – Indygo Afi Ngozi
Synopsis: 42 °; true phrases of an Antillean lesbian is an excerpt written and performed by Indygo Afi Ngozi with the collaboration of an interviewee. In this khoreoword, Indygo focuses on the experiences of humans who identify as queer and Caribbean. She investigates the notion of identity through multiple lenses; to be Antillean, gay, queer, non-binary and gender non-conforming especially those who are part of marginalized communities. It is an ongoing conversation posing several questions; at what degree do we feel safe to fully accept the multiple versions of what makes us whole; at what age do we live freely; how does one identity become mutually exclusive with the other; how do we feel safe in our bodies; how do we feel safe in the millions of pieces that makes us whole; how do we create balance to be simultaneously in harmony with the self; how does censorship create a space of denial, perpetuating a cycle of denial for the next generation of never being seen; of never fully embracing their own vulnerability; how do we live in-between spaces of authenticity while standing in harmonious chaos, in the depth of who we are; how do we create a space for all humans to feel safe and seen.

6. MeMeMeMe – Melinda Faylor
Synopsis: Part internet meme parlor game and part emoji tarot card reading, MeMeMeMe is an audience participatory piece and an experiment in semiotics via meme and emoji analysis and transformation. Audience members choose from a collection of popular images and symbols that are interpreted by the audience as well as the performers. MeMeMeMe attempts to reflect and refract the language of a particular set of symbols through personal and historically informed interpretation, resulting in narratives that communicate with nuance and vulnerability.
Musicians Melinda Faylor (piano, electronics) and Charlotte Munn-Wood (violin) perform and read.

7. The Nice View – Cynthia Veal Holm
Synopsis: Elaine, who has been struggling with PTSD after being robbed at gunpoint, has created a self-imposed exile for herself. It takes an old friend, Jackson, and a strange incident to finally coax her to take a step back into the real world.

8. The Art of No Time – The New Collectives Theatre Company
Synopsis: A physical theatre piece exploring the challenges of motherhood, Zoom, and making art.

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