Art Buffet

Two nights of cabaret-style live online performances that are flexible in style and genre such as, but not limited to, improv, music, performance, scripted monologue. All content is original, and performances will be solo or with two people.

This category is an opportunity for artists to try out new materials or sections of their work.

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March 20 & 21 at 7:30 PM EST 
$5.00 New Media Storytelling (or included in your Festival Pass)


SATURDAY, March 20th

The Night Our Lives Changed Forever
Written by Leona Marsh
Performed by Chiara Clemmie Evans & Teresa Sophia Gutchinov
Directed by Zoë Watkins
Sound Design by Sam Day Harmet

Synopsis: The play centers on two girls who fought the Fascists and the German invaders in Italy during WWII. The action takes place in a jail where they are being held for having attempted to deliver arms to the partisans; their conversations, while in a cell awaiting unknown punishment, allows us to understand life under fascism.

Trigger Warning: a play about youth and stress, or, seeking perfection – the story of a young girl
Conceived, created, and directed by Holly M. Wright
Performed and co-created by Allie Marotta

Synopsis: A young girl takes an Alice-in-Wonderland-esque adventure through her own subconscious investigating themes of loneliness, imposter syndrome, purpose, and perfection.

The Princess Mythology
Written and performed by Katherine Adamenko

Synopsis: The Princess Mythology is an excerpt from my one-woman show ESCAPING BIOLOGY. This excerpt is a humorous cultural critique about the commercialization of gender: girls. The stand-up routine is delivered by Phyllis, a downtown, edgy, middle-aged (feminist) comedian wearing a “Nasty Woman” T-shirt. Although she may have escaped the princess route, even queens like her have to face an aging body. A bit about the show in general… ESCAPING BIOLOGY is a post-vagina, in-utero conversation. It is a full-length solo performance work comprised of six monologues by six uniquely different women (and a small “cast” of others). Part autobiography and part social commentary, ESCAPING BIOLOGY enables the audience to peek inside the lives of these women – each consciously or unconsciously caught in today’s feminist web of contradictions, American-style. The show sheds light on the greater cultural production of gender: female as well as the individual ways in which these women navigate their own sexual politics.

Fast Foward! – Cycles of Cycling
Written and performed by Mindy Pfeffer

Synopsis: A woman travels through time from the Bronx of the 1970s to the end of the 20th century – via her bike – with the help of a beloved father. Despite societal and personal messages that she “shouldn’t” – because she’s female, because she’s not fast or naturally gifted – she journeys from non-athlete to athlete. She learns that no matter what the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts. (This piece is based on a longer full-length solo play about my training for an Ironman triathlon.)

Excerpt from: All She Has
Written and performed by Anita Catillo-Halvorssen

Synopsis: All She Has is a one-woman show about girlhood, grandmas, and giving over to the tampon-tossing, abandon-seeking human we all want to be. Starting at age seven, Castillo-Halvorssen digs through her memories as an impressionable girl, looking to her traditionally-minded Norwegian grandmother for cues on being a “real woman.” As she explores her sexuality and queerness from memory to memory, she comes to understand that her own internalized misogyny doesn’t fall far from the family tree. With an irreverent dose of humor, All She Has tells a story of redemption and self-discovery in the face of the global patriarchy’s absurd constraints.

SUNDAY, March 21st

A Girl Walks Into a Spaceship – a ten-minute, one-woman show!
Written by Robin Pullen
Performed by Lisa Howard-Welch

Synopsis: Escaping from Earth as secret cargo on an ISS mission, DRAIKAINA is shocked to encounter unexpected guests who confront time in space before the impending solar eclipse. I was supposed to be the next astronaut chosen. He was going to be the last frog I kissed. I can’t pay my friggin rent. But I’m not running away, I’m running to. The nine-minute mile. Nine minutes to get to my booster. Nine minutes to run up the hill. In the nine minutes it takes to load the dishwasher, or fold laundry, I can start again. THE PORTAL. My Beginning. My Renewal!

Like Horses
Written by Cate Wiley
Performed by Nikki Walker & Judith Hiller

Synopsis: Two neighbors, one Black, one White, discover their differences as they consider sharing a view from their fire escape.

Be Local
Written and performed by Juliana Silva
Directed by Tish Brandt

Synopsis: The monologue tells the story of my mother´s migration from the northeast to the southeast of Brazil, Pernambuco to São Paulo, during the early years of my childhood. The work crisscrosses my immigration from São Paulo to NYC, during which I realized that our stories repeat themselves, no matter where we go our stories all cross. On the stage, just myself and a cube, some lighting and a thought: Everyone has a story to tell and yes, nothing sounds more cliché than one more story of overcoming, lesson learned, or injustice, but it will always have at least one story that will make your heart stop. And we’ll realize that we all fit in because none of us belongs anywhere.

Lunar Lessons
Written by Maggie Pecorino
Performed by Julianna Mitchell

Synopsis: The Moon is a Woman. So are We. || During a virtual seminar on that small white orb in the night sky, two women are left to fend for themselves when their teacher and the remainder of their classmates eventually stop showing up. As a result of an unspoken agreement that the class should continue and their highly personal, vehement desires to learn, a conversation emerges that illuminates a stark contrast of opinion on how to be a person — specifically, on how to be a woman. The two classmates quickly find themselves bickering over everything from the moon landing to whether sex can be used as a tool for power or whether, no matter the case, it is an act of exploitation. In spite of their differences – or maybe because of them – a conclusion is reached that is not a decisive answer at all, but instead a feeling of mutual respect and deepened understanding. The conversation continues. It always does.

Big Bad World
Written and performed by Evelyn Dumont

Synopsis: BIG BAD WORLD is a nature-centric whirl through the gender jungle. I invite others into the world of magic with me to create a bridge between understanding and imagination. This piece creates awareness of the genderful and genderless world we live in as adults, children, and everything in-between—including talkative manatees, dragon eggs, and a hungry deer. Through poetic monologue vignettes, we will celebrate our connection to the earth, re-imagine magic in everything, and redefine our understanding of each other.

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