A Guest Production at Irondale Center
Convention is the true-and-overlooked story of what went down at the 1944 Democratic National Convention when the people’s favorite, progressive incumbent Vice President Henry Wallace, was denied nomination as FDR’s running mate, in favor of the moderate Senator Harry Truman. As FDR was on the brink of dying, this choice meant the Presidency, and the future of the Democratic Party.
Convention is the story of the sea of miniature motions, bribes, corruptions, petty grievances and conflicting wants that led the Democratic delegates away from their progressive destiny. Composed like an orchestral piece of music, it has a massive ensemble of 40 actors, each with a want and arc from beginning to end. The play makes you feel like you’re in the convention itself.
When we developed Convention after the 2016 election, it seemed timely. Now, it seems almost prescient, when, in our national politics, we are having the exact conversation of the play, a conversation from 1944: what is the Democratic Party?, what are its values?, how important is progressivism?

Convention is a fun, raucous political play with only the agenda of understanding. Understanding upends what doesn’t work. Understanding makes room for what’s growing beneath.

Run time: 2 hours (with intermission).

Brontosaurus Haircut Productions (BHP) is non-profit 501(c)(3). Visit their website to make a tax deuctible donation to Convetion /BHP. For more information visit


World Premiere: Friday, June 7
Closing: Saturday, June 29


June 7 – June 29 | Thurs – Sat and Mon at 8pm + Saturdays at 3pm
$18.00 General Admission

Irondale Center
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