TPSU Zoomcast

TPSU Zoomcast

The virtual edition of our one-of-a-kind workshop To Protect, Serve and Understand™ invites alumni to continue the difficult dialogue and work needed to foster change in police and civilian interactions, expectations, and accountability. TPSU relies on actor-training techniques to develop critical thinking, creative problem solving and interpersonal communication skills, and powerfully creates greater understanding and a groundwork for meaningful changes between communities and police.

“We are facing an unmistakable crisis that has both police and civilian lives at stake. Change can only happen when we can truly hear each other and understand each other. That takes work and guts. And while programs like TPSU feel urgent right now, we will gather virtually to begin the work to lead to a change in our community until we can safely gather in-person in our space once again.” — Terry Greiss, Irondale’s Executive Director and Creator of “To Protect, Serve and Understand”
More than 100 police officers and civilians have participated in To Protect, Serve, and Understand in workshops held biannually since 2015. Each 10-week session culminates in a public performance, often with audiences at capacity.

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